Film Composer Credits:

Selma & Louise (2016 - short film) - AK Film Corp.
Siren Song (2016 - feature film) - Aristos Films
Treasure Nest (2014 - animated short)
Curious Cat's Christmas (2013 - animated short)
Terra Sai (2013 - animated short)
The Mustard Seed (2012 - animated short)
Evy In The New Word (2012 - animated short)
Fishy Business (2012 - animated short)
Desperate Crossing (2011 - animated short)
Shinobi Blues (2011 - animated short)
Lure of the Plume (2011 - animated short)
Losing Grandma (2011 - short)
One Cakey Afternoon (2010 - animated short)
Only Time Will Tell (2010 - animated short)
Frankie's Jewels (2009 - feature film)
Son of a Hustler (2009 - feature film)
Fighting Nirvana (2009 - feature film)
Lawn God (2008 - short)
Degradation (2008 - short)
Preston (2008 - short)
Ctrl, Alt, Del - A Love Story (2007 - short)

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Concert Music:

Quand les sirčnes pleurent (2010 - piano concerto)
Phantasms and Dreams (2009 - violin concerto)

TV Credits:

Incidental music for various shows on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX Sports, MTV, Discovery Channel, Super Station, Web TV Network, etc., as well as international stations in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Israel, Austria, Sweden

Music Programmer Credits:

Priest (2011) w/Paul Betany
Faces in the Crowd (2011) w/Milla Jovovic
Fanboy (2011) w/Sam Raimi

Drumming Credits (Musical Theater/Classical):

Chicago (on Broadway)
Spring Awakening (on Broadway)
Madame Infamy (NYMF 2014)
This One Girl's Story (NYMF 2013)
Racine d'Or (Movement Workshop Group - APAP 2013)
Wanderlust (Movement Workshop Group - APAP 2012)
The Legend of Julie Taymore (NYC Fringe Encore 2012)
Like You Like It
Les Mis
Little Shop of Horrors
West Side Story
Elton John's Aida
Bye, Bye, Birdie
Elektrafire (NYC Fringe Festival)
Songs from a New World
NOVA Philharmonic Orchestra
Pro Art Orchestra Vienna
Amadeus Ensemble
NO Tonkuenstler Orchester (Vienna)
Klangforum Wien (Vienna)
Stadkapelle Tokyo (Vienna)

Drumming Credits (Live):

Jae Parris (RnB, Neo Soul)
The Joe Bayer Band (Country, Southern Rock)
Cedric Watson & Bijou Creole (Zydeco)
The Harlem Blues Project (Blues - BB King's, NYC)
The Savoy Stompers (Dance/Party Band)
Elegant Ensembles (Dance/Party Band)
The Stingers (Dance/Party Band, Motown)
Popa Chubby (Blues-The Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise 2014)
Kaya (Reggae - Resorts World, Empire City)
Antar Goodwin Group (Jazz, Adult Contemporary)
Code Blue (Dance/Party Band)
Slam Allen (Blues - Terra Blues, NYC)
Dave Fields (Blues)
Arhtur Neilson (Blues)
Big Ed Sullivan (Blues)
Black Coffee Blues Band (Blues)
Marva King (RnB, Soul)
Phil Cohen (Singer/Songwriter)
Bomb Cirlce (Rock, Funk, Metal)
Tera (Adult Contemporary)
Partners in Kryme (Soca)
Josh Dodes Band (Pop)
Philip Clark (Blue Eyed Soul)
Caleb (Pop Rock)
North (Pop Rock)
Brother Love (Soul Rock)
Toni Blackman (Hip-Hop, Spoken Word)
E.C. Scott (Blues)
Charlie Superfly (Pop)
Foster McGinty (Rock)
Nervous System (Hip-Hop)
Moe Isaac (RnB)
The Drown (Indie)
Phoenix & After Bufallo (Pop Rock)
John Putnam (Blues)
Parchester Baptist Mass Choir (Gospel)
FIT Gospel Choir (Gospel)
True Praise Gospel Choir (Gospel)
Bethel A.M.E. Mass Choir (Gospel)
Michelle Citrin (Folk Rock)
Noon @ Nite (Rock)
Evolution (Funk)
Rudy (Pop Funk)
Mr. Karl (Jazz Groove)

Drumming Credits (Studio):

At the Maple Grove (Movie Soundtrack)
Fanboy (Movie Soundtrack)
Jae Parris (RnB, Neo Soul)
Melissa Baker (Pop Rock)
Antar Goodwin Group (Jazz, Adult Contemporary)
Anthony Tamburro (Blues)
Phil Cohen (Singer/Songwriter)
Bomb Circle (Rock, Funk, Metal)
Tera (Adult Contemporary)
Jesus Chrysler (Hip-Hop)
Machine Wash Cold (Pop Rock)
Evolution (Funk)
Rudy (Pop Funk)
Mr. Karl (Jazz Groove)
Buddy & The Huddle (Jazz Indie)
Jason Kraut (Funk)
Marc Goodman (RnB)
The Drown (Indie)
Phoenix & After Bufallo (Pop Rock)
We Make Music (Indie Pop)

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